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Without expecting praise or love from the man who trained him. But if Kaell breaks, the kingdom breaks with him. And prophecy says the 19th Bladesman will break…. A young time-traveler from pops into a high school for a Chrono-Historian project. One of the students in the study is also a great-great-great-great-great grandparent.

One misstep could have dire consequences… or, it could just be a lot of fun.

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Communication gaffes both frustrate and amuse. From the bestselling author of Twisted: Things like ghosts in the house. Diana had a troubled past. The kind where her family was brutally murdered in front of her eyes. An ancient race left a gift inside her mind, and it is time for it to rise. War Begins is a four-part action-adventure space opera. This series is complete, and all four books are currently available.

Book Trailer - Conserte-me - J. L. Mac

A mysterious guarded portal. A black room with a wooden chair that only the select can access. Her alter ego, Coma Cate, is ruining her life and friendship with her best friend. Face the Winter Naked by Bonnie Turner: His travels are lonely, and he would like to go home.

But if he has the guts to show his face again, his loving wife — a victim of violence herself — may feel like killing him! Kirkus Reviews: My Child Is Special Needs.. Now What? Struggling to secure support services for your special education child? Not sure where to start? Discover the exact steps you need to take from diagnosis to the IEP meeting and beyond, straight from a professional Educational Consultant and Special Needs Advocate.

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  4. Ready or Not (The Ready Series Book 4) eBook: J.L. Berg: Kindle Store.

Family, friendship, secrets, and romance were not what Summer expected when she agreed to join her mother in Ocean Beach. She found those things and more in this coming of age reverse harem romance. When one of her friends dies, her ex gets sick, and Cadence ditches all of her friends for a new group of people who only seem to wear black, Cassidy starts to think the worst.

Is it possible her sister is a vampire? When everyone from their small town disappears, four siblings -the only ones left- must hide out, trying to figure out what happened to their loved ones. A strange man arrives, claiming he can help them. Can he be trusted? Free for one day only: Tues Feb 19!

Wreck Me (Wrecked, #1) by J.L. Mac

Using personal stories and experiences from his twenty years of pastoral ministry, the author explains how God wants you to live a life of fullness and victory. You can overcome every obstacle and even enjoy the ride! Kindle Is this book no longer free? I want to go back. I'm really looking forward to the next one. I need my old Damon back.

I need them to have the complete HEA. For now I'm sitting on 4 stars. Buy it. Read it. Love it. View all 13 comments. Feb 24, Hollie rated it it was amazing. I love this story! My heart resides with you "See why you're my favorite flavor? I felt like I Could.

Because I absolutely love her. She is one of my favorite characters ever. She is such a I love this story! She is such a funny kick ass girl.

Her inner monologue before she actually tells someone off is my favorite! Her interactions with Grams who also is kick-ass and Brian are also my favorite.

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So many funnies. Actually, he may never have been in the closet at all. It could be worse. I could be named Beatrice or something fucking awful like that. I know! I got burnt out from nothing exciting and this book was so it for me. I'll be honest, I kind of wish I had just waited for all parts to be out because that's how much I love this and Wreck Me. All my favorites for a good story. Mac is definitely one of my new favorite authors- please continue writing great things: View all 7 comments.

Mar 29, Jessica's Book Review rated it really liked it. Mac is the second book in the Wrecked Series. It starts up exactly where Wrecked Me Wrecked 1 leaves off.

Jo finds out that Damon was in the car that killed her parents when she was just 10 leaving her an orphan and a homeless teenager. Jo leaves Damon not knowing the facts of the car accident and makes assumptions. Such as why he is with her, who was driving, and why he is helping her out financially.

See a Problem?

Damon is totally devastated and gets in an accident leaving him in the hospital. This is when Restore Me picks up. Like I read in it a little over an hour, 90 minutes top. The epilogue is the introduction for the third book in the series and it will leave you wanting more. Damon is now the cold one really upset at Jo for leaving him without letting him explain.

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Jo is trying to make it work again with him and being there for after his recovery. Just not as much and I am glad for that actually. My heart broke for Damon and how he was raised and abused. Hands down favorite thing about Restore Me is Grams. She is a hoot! I love her! She was really there for Jo during this hard time trying to figure out her relationship with Damon. I really love her and want a Gram in my life! She is definitely my favorite character in the series. I became a bigger fan of the series after reading Restore Me and I am very much looking forward to reading Accept Me Wrecked 3 when it is released.